About Me

Joanie Brooks, curing anxiety and panic

Hi everyone! My name is Joanie. Welcome to my website, Curing Anxiety and Panic. Health and wellness have been an interest of mine most of my life. I have worked in various medical offices throughout my working career and I also have a personal interest in the well-being of people and animals.

A Little Bit About Me

I am approaching retirement age, and I was born in beautiful Colorado. I was raised on a ranch south of Denver, Colorado with four brothers and a sister. Because my dad was a veterinarian and loved animals, we raised many kinds of animals.

As a youngster, I began to develop an understanding and an appreciation for how animals, and thus people, experience life on a day-to-day basis, as they bore offspring, as they ate the “food” we provided for their survival, and as we administered their “medications” to regain their health. Because of my love and compassion for animals, birthed my compassion and love for people, especially those who are “hurting”.

Dare I Say, Everyone Has Experienced Anxiety and Panic? 

Because of my own experiences and the experiences of my loved ones, dare I say that everyone has experienced anxiety and panic to some degree or another, and to some, on a daily basis? Why do I say this? Well, quite honestly, we wouldn’t be human if we didn’t experience these feelings, right? The difference is the degree in which we allow these feelings to affect us. However, it is in the understanding of, and in the recognition of these feelings, and in taking control of these feelings that we are able to experience relief as we learn to conquer anxiety and panic.

My wish for you is not to take “another pill” for your symptoms, but through electronic video and audio recordings, and electronic books, learn to recognize why you are having these symptoms, and to learn the skills needed to overcome the devastating effects these emotions have on your body and mind.

Your Journey

Because you may be experiencing the devastating effects of anxiety and panic, I care, and I wish you the very best journey with the products that I am recommending to you. May you persevere with your training, and believe that relief is coming your way!

All my best to you,


Founder:  PositiveHorizons360.com